Email campaigns to strengthen customer relationship

Email marketing is a digital marketing channel that is suitable for working with people
who have already shown some potential interest in the services you provide, or who
have already submitted their emails in exchange for content offers.

Benefits of email marketing

Convert leads into customers.
Create a community around your brand.
Stay in touch with those who already purchased from you.
Increase blogs views and website visitors.
Push the clients through the sales funnel.
Reminding customers of the left cart
Increase loyalty and interest.
Email Marketing

Our email marketing services

Lead nurturing

Prompt the leads to the moment of purchase

Lead management process flow

Communicate with prospects smoothly and earn their trust

Lead scoring

Understand the level of leads engagement

Email marketing strategy

Create a plan with goals and activities that will help reaching those goals

Email marketing campaigns

Launch a series of emails to communicate with current and potential customers.

Results you get with SCITECS

Email strategy and its implementation.

Automated individual email workflow.

Promoted content

Increased open rate

Lead nurturing

Increased conversion rate

Every Letter Is A Reminder To Your Audience About Your Advantages, Opportunities, And Offers