Long term planning of your brand development

Inbound marketing strategy

Digital Inbound strategies are considered a compass guide to your marketing efforts. A way to achieve your marketing goals and outsell your competitors
Scitecs develops such strategies while considering its clients' needs

Our approach to strategy development includes:

A complex of cohesive channels
Transparency and Control of our work at every phase of the project
Quick wins within first 90 days
Planning 1 year ahead
- استراتيجيات النمو في التسويق الالكتروني وأهميتها لنجاح شركتكdigital marketing strategy services - Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to create a digital marketing strategy

Market research

With understanding key tendencies and your potential clients' needs, we start from the market analysis and research.

Competitor analysis

Standing-out among all your competitors, as we distinguish key players in your field, identify their weak points, and analyze what your opportunities are.

Buyer persona

To attract people who might be interested in your products, Scitecs develop an Inbound marketing strategy based on your clients’ backgrounds, needs and their decision making techniques, offering them a solution through your product/service.

Digital marketing strategy formulation

We set real goals and set-up activities to reach them when we have an understanding of the market and your competitors. Consequently, we develop a detailed plan, including the digital positioning of your brand.

- كيفية اعداد خطة تسويق الكتروني؟How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

Results You Get With Scitecs

Deep marketing analysis

Customized plan for 1 year

Return on marketing investment (ROMI) Growth

Scitecs Aligns Digital Marketing Strategy to Your Business Strategy

Thus, we implement only effective digital marketing activities and channels that contribute to the achievement of your company’s goals.