Frequently asked questions

Salesforce is a popular CRM platform that is convenient for handling the sales pipeline. Meanwhile, HubSpot includes not only sales tool, but also marketing automation tools and customer service tools, which makes the business flow of the company integrated.
If you want to find a customer, you may need to conduct all the activities that cover all the stages: from awareness to decision stages. At the same time, sales growth may require analysis of the customer journey to find out at which moment you lose clients and where you should improve your business flow.
To make websites visible for Google, we conduct on-page and off-page optimization, make them user-friendly and create unique content. Depending on the age and the structure of the website, we develop a certain SEO-strategy.
Our Inbound Strategy is based on gradually increasing brand awareness and targeting it at long-term results. However, the first results are seen after 90 days from the campaign launch.
A website is a powerful marketing tool in the digital era. It must be creative, fast and user-friendly. We create websites that not only comply with all these characteristics but also follow the Growth-Driven Design concept.
Many companies use HubSpot as a convenient CRM system. However, HubSpot has much more to offer: it has a set of various tools that can make the work of marketing, customer service and sales departments cohesive and revenue-growing. If you are overwhelmed with a variety of tools or don’t know how to align your marketing strategy to HubSpot tools we are ready to help you.
Lead nurturing is a digital marketing activity aimed at establishing relationships with clients. By providing useful information about their problem via useful content, you gain their trust and loyalty. Main Lead Nurturing Channels include email, social media and advertising.